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Exceptional Customer Service Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s Exceptional Customer Service webinar. Here’s the slideshow:

And here it is as a PDF.

If you have any questions or comments, I’m glad to hear and respond to them. Please just email or post in the comments here. … Read the rest

Email for New Homeschoolers

Something I recommended in yesterday’s webinar is that librarians consider having a standard email they send out to people who are considering homeschooling or are new to homeschooling, which is something I’ve done for years. I keep the message I use saved in a Word document, and then whenever I talk to patrons who are trying to get a handle on homeschooling, I ask for their email address and send it along. My goal is to give people the basics that they really need to know to get started: the laws, the big support groups, and a few of the … Read the rest

Slideshow for NEFLIN’s Helping Homeschoolers in the Library Part 2 Webinar

Here we are again! You can find the slideshow for today’s webinar here:

Here it is as a PDF, in case you’d like that.

And here’s that link to the World Book Typical Course of Study that I promised you.

As always, please feel free to email me with questions or drop them in the comments on this post. Thanks so much to everyone who took time out to attend the webinar and learn more about homeschooling!… Read the rest

Slideshow for NEFLIN’s Helping Homeschoolers in the Library Part 1 Webinar

Thanks again to everyone who attended this morning’s webinar! If you didn’t attend this morning’s webinar, hi! For everyone who wants to look at them, here are the slides I used:

If you have any questions or thoughts, email me or put them in the comments here. Questions are always good.

I’m looking forward to Part 2 next week! … Read the rest

In Which I Turn 40, with Pencils

Guys, I have so much I’ve been meaning to tell you, but right now, we’re going to need to focus on the fact that I turned 40, because that’s a big deal. It happened on Wednesday. I am weirdly excited about being 40. I think part of it is because the year I turned 30 was the year my late husband died, and there wasn’t much to celebrate then. At the moment, I have plenty of things to celebrate and look forward to, and I feel grateful that I’ve lived this long and get to keep living.

Also, my coworkers … Read the rest

Today’s Email from Maxwell

“Ok you better remember that or you will die. Ok I love you bye.”

Maybe he should have been writing the blog all along.… Read the rest

Spurred on By the Internet Paying Attention to Him, Maxwell Sends Me a Second, Third, and Fourth Email

First I got this photo, with the message, “Bla bla bla water.”


Then I got this photo, with the message, “ Cat cat cat cat CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Then I got a second copy of yesterday’s picture with the message, “Ok you should not eat them.”

Those of you who know Tammy know where he gets this from.… Read the rest

My First-Ever Email from Maxwell

So today Maxwell sent me email for the first time. At first, I thought it might be a virus, since there was no actual message–just a picture. Then I decided it was safe.


Well, safeish. Maybe less so if you’re allergic to bananas, which I am.

That kid cracks me up.

 … Read the rest

Maxwell Will Get You If You Don’t Watch Out

IMG_0228Read the rest

But One More Post to Illustrate My Point About Time Going by So Quickly


Summer 2012



It is not insignificant that one of the reasons Ron wasn’t in the 2012 picture is because he was in the hospital then, and Tammy was there with him.

What a difference a year can make.

What a difference a new camera can make, too, because that is also a good illustration of the difference between my iPhone and my new camera.… Read the rest