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Today, I Have Added a New Skill to My Director Toolkit

Dare to DreamIn addition to sharpening the pencils, today I tested the pens to make sure they all worked properly.

I dream of a world where everyone has a writing implement that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

I believe I can make this thing happen.

It’s Friday, people. Dare to dream.… Read the rest

I’ve Been Playing with

Because isn’t that just the kind of thing you do?

And also:


These people have gone all kinds of crazy with their spelling and usage, but, still, it’s WAY more fun making graphs and charts in than it is in Excel.

This is more strategic planning, incidentally. We’ve been busy here. More to come.… Read the rest


My life has felt a little out of control the last few weeks, which has led me to cleaning my desk. As is always the case, I have encountered notes on meeting agendas that now make no sense to me. Most of them are like this:

What I Do at Meetings

The pictures aren’t mysterious, because I’m always doodling. It’s the math that baffles me. If I’m doing math, there’s usually a pretty good reason for it, the kind of thing that sticks in my head.

Because my math is almost always about money. Money I might have or money I might not have. Sometimes … Read the rest

For Years, I Was the Person Reminding the Person in Charge to Refill the Chocolate


How the times do change. John was totally right, of course, so I took care of the problem right away. I even got the good kind of chocolate. I anticipate visitors.… Read the rest

What I Did in Storytime Today and How It Worked Out

Anne went to a training thing today, so I got to do her storytimes. I felt a little nervous about it, to be honest, because I’m out of practice and wanted to do a good job (Anne does excellent storytimes), but I wound up having so much fun.

Storytime #1: The Babies

For this, I searched my own blog, found this post I did on my Stories for Wee Ones at WPL, and used the rhyme and song plan I posted there. It was like visiting old friends: “Wiggle Fingers,” “Here is a Beehive,” “Five Plump Peas.” Those guys are … Read the rest

Stuff I’ve Found at HPL, Part 2

Okay, so Part 1 was quite some time ago.

But we’ve found more stuff. Like this catalog card sorter:

You Know You're Jealous of Our Catalog Card Sorter

I have to say it again: a catalog card sorter.

I missed card catalogs so much the day Cathy found this, not for practical purposes like actually finding something for a patron, but I did always love browsing card catalogs back when they were still around. Sometimes I’d just open a drawer to see what was inside.

Something I found one day were these interlibrary loan envelopes that are both adorable and crazy:



To me, they look like tiny envelopes … Read the rest

Strategic Planning: Mission and Vision Updates

For those of you keeping track, the Board approved the library’s new mission and vision statements at tonight’s meeting. They are:

Henrietta Public Library: where our community connects, discovers, and learns.

Henrietta will be known for its library, the heart of a diverse community.

Although to me they’ll always be:

Our Draft Mission and Vision StatementsRead the rest

The Mysteries of HPL… REVEALED

This is HPL:


The most distinctive feature of the building, as you are no doubt noticing, is the tower on the roof. HPL was built in 1978, and the tower was meant to house the HVAC, which the builders intended to be powered by solar panels.

That didn’t work out.

Since then, they’ve put a couple different HVAC systems up there. The current one works most of the time, although I seem to wind up climbing into the tower once a week or so to reset a unit that isn’t working. That usually does the trick. And when I say … Read the rest

If Any Of You Are Considering Coming to My Pizza and Homeschooling Presention at RRLC on March 11…

You should know I’m redesigning my presentation. Right now, it looks like this:

Reworking Homeschooling Presentation

I know that now you’re probably so super-excited for the presentation that you can hardly stand it, but you’re going to have to wait a week. From tomorrow. Find full details here.… Read the rest

Strategic Planning: Building Our Mission and Vision Statements

So I’ve been running a library for a little more than six months now. It’s probably time to start talking about what I’m up to.

I decided before I even started at HPL that we needed a strategic plan–I talked about it in my interview, in fact–but once I started, I was overwhelmed by how big a task it would be amid all the other things I needed to learn and do. So I spent time thinking and observing and reading and talking and thinking some more. Finally, I made a strategic planning plan.

This is, I’ll admit, one … Read the rest