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That Which Sustains

A couple weeks ago, I was at the lowest spot in the Western Hemisphere:

Chilling at the Lowest Spot in the Western Hemisphere, 130 Degrees

I look happy there, and I was, but it was 130 degrees when that picture was taken, and I was sitting that way so as to not have any bare skin touching the ground, as it would have burned me. As it was, a minute or two later, I discovered that my necklace and my shoes had grown hot enough to leave a mark.

It was a little troubling, but we had enough water, and it was also awesome. I’ve wanted to experience extreme heat like … Read the rest

Reunited with My Laptop

I was sick and missed a couple days of work before I left on my trip to Chicago, and I really got to missing HPL while I was gone. So even though I got home at 1:00 in the morning, I got myself up mid-morning, did a few chores, and got to work by 1:00pm.

The library was lively and busy, and it was good to be back amid the beautiful chaos.

Then about 5:00, a storm came in. I heard the first rumble of thunder, and I knew it was foreshadowing trouble. Ten minutes later, the lightning and thunder … Read the rest

Wherever You Go, There You Are

20130627-194619.jpgRead the rest

We Might Be Staying in One of Those Inns Where the Staff Murders Their Guests in the Middle of the Night and Eats Them

I guess we were on the road a couple hours before the first time I said to Jason, “You are really irritating me with the way you exist and take up space.”

He took offense, but, seriously, he takes up a lot of space.

He’s a decent copilot, though–not super-great with directions, but he did some excellent iPod DJ-ing, and, really, if the music’s good enough, it’s okay to spend some extra time on the road.

Now we’re at an inn we found in the middle of I’m-Not-Totally-Sure-Where-We-Are, Indiana. It’s clean but kind of run down, and maybe (definitely) Jason … Read the rest

The Daily Bugle

Something I didn’t anticipate about my move to the city this past December was that it would end in me cooking less than I used to. I mean, in theory, I have more free time than I used to when I owned a house, and I do, but I quickly began filling up some of that time eating at the many worthy restaurants within walking distance of my apartment. I’ve filled up my time with other things I can walk to: movies at the Little and Dryden, visiting museums, going out for runs, fitting in workouts at theUntitled gym. The … Read the rest

Some People Go to Bethlehem for a Census, Others Go to See a Comedian

Last weekend, Amy, Arthur, and I went to Bethlehem, PA to see Marc Maron on his Out of the Garage Tour. None of us* had been to Bethlehem before. We came in along a hill packed with small run-down houses that Amy started calling Shantytown. As we were driving on this fifty-degree-and-raining day, I saw a shirtless guy standing in the middle of a side street shouting at, apparently, life, and I thought, Yes, exactly. This is exactly what happens here.

Bethlehem also sports a casino, an amazing vegan bakery, and a Wegmans with a clock … Read the rest


One thing about traveling is that you leave bits and pieces of yourself all over, and it can be difficult to get yourself all back in one place again.

Not to mention on the correct schedule.

Our a group, Minus Me

One of My Favorite Views of Las Vegas



I've Wanted to Come Here Since I Was a Little Girl

I Thought I'd Leave a Note for Any Venomous Snakes that Happened By


I’m working on it, although I wonder if maybe it isn’t better to be scattered around a little. Just enough. There’s a line.

I have a couple weeks before I’m out of town again.… Read the rest

Having a Productive Morning Doing Every Single Thing in the World Besides Packing for My Trip

The train to Toronto doesn’t leave until 2:00 (in theory–I haven’t checked to see if it’s running late yet), so I feel like I have time. I’ve been using that time to hang around in my pajamas and finally make all the phone calls I need to make to change my address, since I’ve been living in my new place for two months now. I’ve also been planning two other trips because everyone knows the best time to plan a trip is the day you’re leaving to go on one you aren’t adequately prepared for.

Well, my presentation’s set. It’s … Read the rest

“Defying Gravity”

I’ve been waiting since the day Lucas was born to bring him to his first Broadway show.

I had no idea how to make sure Lucas would grow up to be the kind of person who would appreciate such a thing, but somehow I got lucky, and he is. Saturday night, I took him to see Peter and the Starcatcher, and we had such a good time. The show was great–funny and inventive. Lucas joked about how we were spending our evening watching people pretending to be something they are not, and I joked back about how most of … Read the rest

I Told the Boys to Look Like They Were Having a Dam Good Time, and This is What They Did

I Told the Boys to Look Like They Were Having a Dam Good Time, and This is What They Did

We made a lot of dam jokes that day, so many that at one point Maxwell became frustrated with Tammy and I laughing so much and shouted, “I AM SICK OF YOUR DAM JOKES!”

Which made us laugh for about ten minutes straight, during which Maxwell mostly growled at us.

We learned a lot about engineering and turkey vultures and history and stuff, too. Of course, some of this was also funny, like the satellite prominently positioned behind this historical marker:

I Won't Tell You How Long We Drove Around Looking for This, But It Was Educational

Way to ruin the mood.… Read the rest