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Slideshow for NEFLIN’s Helping Homeschoolers in the Library Part 2 Webinar

Here we are again! You can find the slideshow for today’s webinar here:

Here it is as a PDF, in case you’d like that.

And here’s that link to the World Book Typical Course of Study that I promised you.

As always, please feel free to email me with questions or drop them in the comments on this post. Thanks so much to everyone who took time out to attend the webinar and learn more about homeschooling!… Read the rest

Slideshow for NEFLIN’s Helping Homeschoolers in the Library Part 1 Webinar

Thanks again to everyone who attended this morning’s webinar! If you didn’t attend this morning’s webinar, hi! For everyone who wants to look at them, here are the slides I used:

If you have any questions or thoughts, email me or put them in the comments here. Questions are always good.

I’m looking forward to Part 2 next week! … Read the rest

If Any Of You Are Considering Coming to My Pizza and Homeschooling Presention at RRLC on March 11…

You should know I’m redesigning my presentation. Right now, it looks like this:

Reworking Homeschooling Presentation

I know that now you’re probably so super-excited for the presentation that you can hardly stand it, but you’re going to have to wait a week. From tomorrow. Find full details here.… Read the rest

Having a Productive Morning Doing Every Single Thing in the World Besides Packing for My Trip

The train to Toronto doesn’t leave until 2:00 (in theory–I haven’t checked to see if it’s running late yet), so I feel like I have time. I’ve been using that time to hang around in my pajamas and finally make all the phone calls I need to make to change my address, since I’ve been living in my new place for two months now. I’ve also been planning two other trips because everyone knows the best time to plan a trip is the day you’re leaving to go on one you aren’t adequately prepared for.

Well, my presentation’s set. It’s … Read the rest

Links from the Homeschooling Webinar I Taught Today

If you took the Helping Homeschoolers in the Library webinar I taught this morning, hi!

If you didn’t take the webinar I taught this morning, hi!

I’m glad to see everyone.

I shared a lot of web sites in this morning’s class (focused on developing programs and collections for homeschoolers), ones that I share in most of my presentations these days, and I thought it might be helpful to have a list of them here for folks who are interested in learning more, whether they’ve attended a presentation or not. So here goes.

Homeschooling Resources on Pinterest
I joined PinterestRead the rest

Article about Homeschooling in American Libraries

Abby the Librarian wrote a great article for American Libraries about the work she’s done with homeschoolers. You can read it online here. She mentions Helping Homeschoolers in the Library, and it really made my day when I saw it. One of the many reasons I write is because I love seeing people take information I put into the world and making something positive–for themselves, for their libraries, for their communities. At this point, Abby does more programming for homeschoolers than I do, so she’s an inspiration, too.… Read the rest

The Dictionary Says an Expert is One Who Has a High Degree of Skill

Yesterday I was working on the PowerPoint presentations for these homeschooling webinars I’ll be leading in a couple weeks. What’s very cool about them is that I get two hour-and-a-half sessions, so I am able to take my usual whirlwind hour-long presentation and expand some sections and give the whole thing a little more depth. I think it’s going to be more valuable for the participants, and I’m excited to be doing something new.

While I was working, I realized that I needed to look up a date for one of my slides, and I started getting all, UGH, I Read the rest

Upcoming Homeschooling Webinars, or Oh the Places I Will (Virtually) Go

I’m going to be doing a few homeschooling webinars over the next couple months that I wanted to mention.

Helping Homeschoolers in the Library for the Education Institute
Thursday, March 29
I’m doing this one with librarian Alison McCullough. The Education Institute is out of Canada, so this has been the excuse I’ve been looking for to learn more about homeschooling in Canada and work with an entirely new audience.

Helping Homeschoolers in the Library for LibraryLinkNJ
Wednesdays, April 4 and 18
This is a two-part class, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to spend a little … Read the rest

Homeschooling Programs

I wanted to point out that Abby posted a nice roundup of her ongoing Fantastic Friday programs for homeschoolers. Great stuff there.… Read the rest

What’s Up in Homeschooling

A month or so ago, Craig sent me a link to this piece that ran on the Today show about unschooling. I was ready to be irritated by it, but it’s a fair and balanced picture of what unschooling looks like. The family the segment focuses on is very typical of what I’ve seen in unschooling, and the woman Matt Lauer interviews, Robyn Silverman, speaks knowledgeably and with a considerable amount of poise given how weirdly hostile Lauer is in his questioning. (Is he always like that? I really wanted to mute him.) Anyway, worth your time if you would … Read the rest