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A while back, Jules and Camille and I decided to form an informal club to celebrate our love for one of our favorite authors, Jack Gantos. Why do we love Jack? Because his books are funny, but also because they have something to say. Because we love listening to him read his own work. Because he really gets it about the importance of children’s books, and whenever we hear him talk about kids and reading, we feel inspired.

All that got us to thinking that Jack would make a great National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. So Jules had some t-shirts made:

We decided to unveil our shirts and our campaign today, in celebration of the release of Jack’s newest book, Dead End in Norvelt, which we’ve all already read and discussed and loved–and it’s not just us. Norvelt has gotten starred reviews in Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and The Horn Book.

Naturally, being bloggers, we aren’t the kind of people who are all exclusive about our club. Initiation basically involves saying you want to be part of it, so, if you’re a Jack Gantos fan (and WHO ISN’T?), welcome.

[Note on the photo: Yes, that is my office at work. You should know that I spent some time cleaning it before this picture was taken. I maybe would have done better to use that time to take my hair out of its very librarian-y bun and do something crazy like brush it.]

17 thoughts on “Jack for Ambassador

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  2. Aha! I was JUST thinking of this very author yesterday! He really does have quite unique books, and — huh. We’ve not had anyone campaigning for the job of Ambassador before. I think this is very cool.

    I’m giggling about your hair. It looks fine to me.

  3. You linked to a Jack video. Yay! Smart, you.

    Speaking of what you called your “very librarian-y bun,” my five-year-old has to dress up as a community helper on Thursday, and she chooses librarian. How in the hubba-what do librarians dress anyway? I mean, I could go the stereotype route, but blech.

    Perhaps I’ll just send her to school in my Jack shirt.

  4. Tanita, The truth is that many mornings, I forget to dry or brush my hair, and so when I get to work, it’s all irritating, and I put it in a bun to get it out of the way. This is especially true now that we’re back into the busy school routine, although one day last week, I put my hair in a somewhat complicated up-do with bobby pins as a way to entertain Maxwell. He likes watching and offering suggestions. Lucas was like that when he was small, too.

    Jules, The stereotype thing is depressing, but then it is hard to think of an outfit that screams “LIBRARIAN” that isn’t the stereotype. Maybe you could make her a librarian-y name tag?

  5. Perhaps.

    The whole thing reminds me I’m going to her kindergarten class on Wednesday to tell them what librarians do in their jobs. I better practice what I’m gonna say. I’ll try not to embarrass the entire profession.

  6. I’m thinking for a librarian costume, she could wear anything that looks grown up and casual, and then carry a bag of picture books to pull out to booktalk or do storytime? Maybe have summer reading prizes or puppets or whatever in the bag? So it’s all about the accessories.

  7. Yes, what Genevieve said. It would be funny to have her carry around a felt board, but yours is probably too HUGE for a 5-year-old, Jules, eh?

  8. Oh lordy, yes, it’s ginormous.

    But I really do like that idea, Genevieve. I am always donating picture books to her teacher, so I could send in a new stack in a bag that Ada could actually carry in. BRILLIANT! Thanks. I think we have a plan. I mean, I’m sure the teacher would ask her to put the puppets aside and such, but she can at least take them in, especially since the day before I can bring some in, too, and explain how librarians do programming, too.

    Woot! Thanks.

  9. I see why Maxwell has adored you from birth, you have the same lack of interest in combs & brushes. He only combs his hair now because Rachel sits next to him. You just need a Rachel to motivate you. Of course I just cut mine off to avoid that issue on a daily basis.

    I vote for stickers next.

  10. I do enjoy fixing my hair; I just run out of time/forget about it.

    I see Rachel almost every weekday, but she hasn’t yet inspired me to better grooming. I believe an aversion to combs and brushes may be something she and Maxwell have in common.

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