Mildred Batchelder

Some of you may recall that I was on last year’s Batchelder Award committee. Through that process, I did a lot of reading about Mildred Batchelder, the librarian the award was named after. I learned some more about Batchelder recently reading this article by Barbara Bader in The Horn Book Magazine. It’s part of a series the magazine’s been doing about influential librarians, and, like the rest that have been profiled, Batchelder was a strong personality. Reading about all these women has made me feel better about the strong aspects of my own personality, and reading about Batchelder reminds me again of the importance of the Batchelder Award and books in translation in general.

I love reading things like this that make me feel all RAH RAH about being a librarian.

3 thoughts on “Mildred Batchelder

  1. “They must read more and faster. It can be done.”
    Wow. Librarians were such movers and shakers back then, all political and wheeler-dealer and influential. I guess it’s more amazing to me because these were largely women with power, and in the fifties and sixties, there wasn’t a lot of place for that. I guess to be taken seriously they behaved like they were in a boardroom, taking over a rival company.

    How astonishing that “Batch” was fired not once, but twice!! And yet, she got up, and went forward. This was really interesting.

  2. Reading about Batchelder and the others has mostly made me feel kind of lazy. It’s interesting to me, too, how these women struck out so bravely. Unlike me, they didn’t seem to be worrying about things like their homes or retirement plans–they were 100% dedicated to their work.

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