The Historical Reader, Designed for the Use of Schools and Families. On a New Plan.

Recently, I subscribed to receive email updates from our library system’s Local History department, which is how I found out about them digitizing one of the most entertaining old books I’ve ever read, The Historical Reader, Designed for the Use of Schools and Families. On a New Plan. by Rev. J.L. Blake, A.M, published in 1827. I like to think that I know all of you well enough to say that you are as intrigued as I was with this title that includes two periods along with the phrase “On a New Plan.” I saw that and knew I had to read more.

Then I couldn’t stop reading.

The book is a combination of dubious and judgmental essays purporting to report historical fact and mediocre poetry. As an example, here’s a quote from the section about the Tower of Babel:

“It is not, in the least, to be doubted, that Noah and his family, for some years after the flood, continued to reside in the neighborhood of the mountains of Armenia, where the ark had rested.”

It is my understanding that this is much doubted, and the whole book’s like that. Some of the poetry, in particular, is a real stitch. If you’re a nerd. Like me.

You can lose a lot of time browsing Central’s digitized collections.

I’m kind of good at losing time.


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  2. momster
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    What fun!I downloaded it to read when I have small bits of time.

  3. adrienne
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    Tanita, And that’s just the start.

    Momster, I didn’t read the entire thing, but I read a lot of it and found it quite amusing. And interesting.

  4. momster
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    He is no Cotton Mather,but he is funny:)I love to read Cotton Mather in the fall because of H-ween.His imagery is still outstanding.Although,I think all men who decide they know exactly what everyone else should do are a little–off;)But funny and sometimes scary!

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