Links from the Homeschooling Webinar I Taught Today

If you took the Helping Homeschoolers in the Library webinar I taught this morning, hi!

If you didn’t take the webinar I taught this morning, hi!

I’m glad to see everyone.

I shared a lot of web sites in this morning’s class (focused on developing programs and collections for homeschoolers), ones that I share in most of my presentations these days, and I thought it might be helpful to have a list of them here for folks who are interested in learning more, whether they’ve attended a presentation or not. So here goes.

Homeschooling Resources on Pinterest
I joined Pinterest some months ago, and one of the many things it’s good for is sharing learning activities. Homeschoolers have figured this out and have a huge presence there. It’s a great resource to use to learn more about the types of things homeschoolers do and also for inspiration as you plan your own homeschooling programs.

Library Success Wiki
This has a section on homeschooling that includes links and some tips and suggestions for places to go for further information.

Abby the Librarian
I’ve mentioned Abby’s blog here before. It’s a great resource for anything related to children’s services, and she does some particularly excellent work with homeschoolers. Her posts are both detailed and inspiring.

Amazon’s homeschooling section is not as helpful for collection development as it once was, but it’s still a useful resource.

World Book Typical Course of Study
I frequently point homeschoolers to this free resource that provides a guideline for what should be taught at what grade level, which is something homeschoolers often ask about.

Cathy Duffy Reviews
Cathy Duffy is a former homeschooler who reviews curriculum resources. This can be helpful to you as a librarian for collection development purposes, and it’s also a fine resource to point new homeschoolers to.

Johnsburg Public Library’s Homeschool Resource Center
Unless I’m missing something big, this is the finest homeschooling collection in the country. Truly outstanding.


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    Aw, thank you! :D

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    You’re welcome! Thanks for being so awesome!

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    Thanks for sharing this useful information, Adrienne!

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    Thanks! I already had this mostly put together for the presentation; sometimes I just forget to post things here.

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