So I Have a Moving Date

Earlier this week, I got a piece of mail for Brian. The only mail I get for him anymore are appeals for money from the American Cancer Society (Good luck, guys!), but this week Verizon sent him an offer for a reduced-rate phone plan when he moved to his new place.

I’m not at all sure where to forward the offer, so I recycled it.

I’ve been recycling a lot of things lately, trying to reduce my load as I start packing. Part of that has involved going through old letters, which has been fun and touching and sometimes a little harrowing. In the fun category, I found a treasure trove of things from Lucas that I hadn’t seen in forever and that there’s no way I’m recycling, like this:

One Day I Woke Up And I Was an Ant

That used to be a joke with us, whether I was an aunt or an ant. I suppose it’s no wonder he’s growing up to be the kind of person who judges other people’s language skills.

I also found this letter:

By Lucas, Age 6: Part 1

By Lucas, Age 6: Part 2

Lucas wrote this letter when he was about seven. I have a final copy of Curse of the Peeps and a Peep is Missssssssssing somewhere around here, and what I want you all to know is that he brought the sock monkey that he references in his note on our trip to NYC last month.

I’m keeping that letter forever.

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