I Can’t Imagine There Was Ever a Time in Which This Version of Little Red Riding Hood Wasn’t Creepy

Scary Red Riding Hood

This is one of the Little Golden Books I inherited from my late husband. He had quite a collection. It was originally published in 1948, and in 1973, it was in its thirty-fourth printing. For all those years, thousands of parents were buying this thing for their children, and the cover looks like a horror movie poster. I mean, Red has black holes for eyes. It’s almost as bad as the buttons in Coraline.

Of course, fairy tales are supposed to be scary, so this has a prominent place on my bookshelf. Right near All My Friends are Dead and my zombie picture book collection.

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Imagine There Was Ever a Time in Which This Version of Little Red Riding Hood Wasn’t Creepy

  1. I think of Eloise Wilkins as an interesting illustrator. Little Red Riding Hood has always been one of my stories! I want to read this book of yours.

    Wilkins lived in Canandaigua for part of her life. I do volunteer work for the Ontario County Historical Society from time to time. One of the first projects I helped with was an exhibit on Eloise Wilkins. This was so many years ago. I want to say I was in middle school? The thing I most remember from the exhibit was a letter from a local woman. Her children were models for one of Wilkins books. She said in the letter that Wilkins had her own ideas about what the faces of the characters in her books were to look like, but that the bodies in the book were perfectly like her own children. Wilkins liked kids with strong, chubby legs.

    It would be fun to go back to the Ontario County Historical Museum and look back at what they have.

    Also I found this Pinterest page on Wilkins. Do you pin? http://pinterest.com/gowest/illustrations-by-eloise-wilkins/

  2. Thanks, Momster!

    Libby, I had no idea! The local connection is another good reason to keep that book around. Thanks for sharing that!

    Olivia, YET.

  3. Red was an undercover agent sent into the forest to set up the Wolf. She led him right to Gran is partner and then the fed’s came in and finished him off. Of course Little Red Riding Hood is scarey. She’s a top ranking Special Ops Agent. She’s a legend, man. Why do you think I bought you the book, Stephany? Love Gran

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