Film Club: Brandon’s Quiz

This is exactly the kind of thing I am terrible at, but Brandon thought it up, so I am participating.

1. What is the most overrated film of the past 5 years and briefly explain why?
Amour is kind of fresh in my mind, but maybe I’d go with The Dark Knight Rises.

2. What are your favorite 3 favorite television shows currently running?
Louie, Louie, Louie, Louie.

3. Name one film and television show you are ashamed to admit to liking?
I love all the Harold and Kumar films. LOVE them. I’m not ashamed of any of my television loves, although this is probably because my viewing is so filtered by only watching TV on DVD or streaming for most of the last decade.

4. What do you look for in a film writer?
I’m looking for one who’s single and willing to support me while I watch movies and write about them on my blog.

5. Name a great director (in your opinion) who also has enough problems to make you wonder why you hold him/her in such high regard.
Woody Allen

6. What is your favorite film era and why do you think this era speaks so much to you?
I don’t have enough eras to answer this competently. I love whatever I’m watching at the moment, mostly.

7. Name your favorite five working film critics.
I basically only read A.O. Scott, because he’s in the paper that shows up on my front porch. I’m not sure I love his views, but I guess he’s my favorite by default.

8. Name your five least favorite.
I haven’t read him in a while, but Jeff Simon of The Buffalo News used to frequently make me angry when I read that paper.

9. Name a few directors whom you have liked in the past that you are worried about and briefly explain why.
Kevin Smith seems to have gone off the rails.

10. What actor and actress would make you watch an otherwise uninteresting film?
Johnny Depp. I’ll watch him in anything. I mean, I went and saw The Tourist in the theatre.

11. What director would make you watch a film with an otherwise uninteresting plot and why?
Jim Jarmusch. Nothing much happens in his films, but I love them. (Writing his name made me think of Fishing with John, and now I have that theme song running through my head. Thanks, Brandon.)

12. What film did you feel the most intimidated to like despite some heavy reservations (be honest here)?
I feel like I’m supposed to like A Clockwork Orange, but I seriously can’t stomach that movie.

13. What is your favorite documentary?
The Thin Blue Line

14. Billy Wilder or Preston Sturges?
Billy Wilder

15. Jean Gabin or Humphrey Bogart?

16. Director you want to like more than you honestly do.
Kubrick, probably. I feel like I’m supposed to like all of his films, and I don’t.

17. 5 most anticipated films of 2013?
World War Z, The Great Gatsby, Much Ado About Nothing, Ender’s Game, Anchorman 2. I imagine they won’t be my favorites, but I’m excited to see them anyway.

18. What is your least favorite current sub-genre or film scene?
I’m kind of over horror right now.

19. Name your 5 favorite unheralded modern day directors in a critical sense.
I got nothing.

20. What top 5 or 10 list would you most likely do in the near future if offered by a handsome member of Film Club?
I could probably come up with a Top 5 Movies Film Club is Going to Agree to Watch This Year But then None of Us Will Actually Watch Them list. This would play to my strengths.

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