What I Did in Storytime Today and How It Worked Out

Anne went to a training thing today, so I got to do her storytimes. I felt a little nervous about it, to be honest, because I’m out of practice and wanted to do a good job (Anne does excellent storytimes), but I wound up having so much fun.

Storytime #1: The Babies

For this, I searched my own blog, found this post I did on my Stories for Wee Ones at WPL, and used the rhyme and song plan I posted there. It was like visiting old friends: “Wiggle Fingers,” “Here is a Beehive,” “Five Plump Peas.” Those guys are the best. For books, I read I Like It When by Mary Murphy, We’ve All Got Bellybuttons by David Martin and Randy Cecil, and Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang. One of the babies was completely freaked out that I am not Miss Anne, but he seemed to decide that I was okay after a while. One of the babies was very wee–just five months old–and so full of smiles. There was an older sister there, too, who was about four years old and was an enthusiastic and excellent example to the smaller ones. At the end, we had playtime, for which Anne has this most excellent tube that the kids can crawl through. I wanted to crawl through it, too, but I don’t think I would fit. If I wasn’t wearing a short skirt, I might have tried it anyway. I KNEW I should have worn my yoga pants to work today.

Storytime #2: The Toddlers

I use the term “toddlers” loosely. There were maybe 20-25 kids there (Anne, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. I forgot to count. I will be confessing this to you in person soon enough.), and they looked to me to range in age from about 6 months to maybe 6 years old. That one girl may have been 7 or 8. I may have the order here a little off, because I didn’t take notes as I went and made a lot of decisions as I went along, as I am wont to do.

Longer “I Wiggle My Fingers”
Seriously, how much fun is this rhyme? I’d forgotten. I had so much fun with this, we did it four times in a row. I think we’re all lucky I didn’t go on with it for the entire half hour.

The Bus for Us by Suzanne Bloom
The interactive element of this book helped me remember that it’s good to not spend the entire storytime doing one rhyme. Because books are fun, too.

“Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle”
My classic. I enjoyed watching how a group who had never heard it reacted to it.

“I Saw a Bunny Go Hop, Hop, Hop”
We did this three times. I was all about rhymes today.

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Before we read this, we counted the three mice on the cover and counted three on our fingers. It was a lot like doing the budget.

“Once There Was a Quiet Mouse”
We did this a couple times, too. The kids really liked my mouse puppet, but I hid him right away again so no one stole him or snotted on him or anything. He’s my favorite puppet, after all.

“I Saw a Snake Go By One Day”
This one is still so funny.

Cookie’s Week by Cindy Ward and Tomie dePaola
As one child observed, Cookie is a really naughty cat. Everyone seemed to enjoy the part where Cookie fell in the toilet, which is one of those things that is hilarious when it happens in a book (as opposed to when it happens in real life, but I may be the only person who has a cat who actually falls in the toilet if someone leaves the lid up).

“Little Bunny Foo Foo”
Of course.

Do Pigs Have Stripes? by Melanie Walsh
The kids were way too smart for this tricky book, per usual.

Longer “Open Them, Shut Them”
The only thing that kept me from doing this one five times in a row was the fact that our half hour was up. Too soon! Too soon!

At this point, as the kids were all standing around awkwardly, I realized I’d forgotten to bring the hand stamp they were expecting, so I ran out to Anne’s desk and stole these cool heart stickers she keeps there, which was a TOTAL WIN. Who needs stamps when you have stickers? No one, I say.

Even better? Anne asked me to do a couple storytimes again in a couple weeks!

10 thoughts on “What I Did in Storytime Today and How It Worked Out

  1. I’m glad you got to do storytime! Thanks for sharing your set list. I have never known my cat to fall into the toilet, but I think I would be amused if it happened… as long as the cat were contained. I have to smile at the thought of the kids standing awkwardly, not sure how to remind you of the important omission. A group of kids used to come to my bookstore storytime and ask for hand-stamps at the end. I gave them invisible hand-stamps. They were amused, fortunately.

  2. Imaginary hand-stamps! OF COURSE! I should have thought of that one. Kids are usually pretty game for that kind of thing.

    The thing about when Benny falls in the toilet is that he jumps out and immediately starts running everywhere, like he can somehow outrun what has just befallen him.

  3. “I may be the only person who has a cat who actually falls in the toilet if someone leaves the lid up.”

    Not so, Adrienne. Duncan did jump in it one day, and still tries to if the lid is up! I’m not sure why he didn’t learn from that first experience, especially since he got a bath from it!

  4. I try not to think about when Jabberwocky took a toilet bowl dive or two. I keep the lid down, and every morning poses the question “Will his fat, furry ass slide off the edge of the tub to join me in the shower…again?” He huddles against the shower curtain, and yes, he IS old enough to know better.He’s lucky I love him.

  5. Benny didn’t even fall. He looked in the water, tested it several times with his paw to see that yes indeed it was water, and then he jumped in quite on purpose.


    Although he also occasionally falls into the shower, too, because he huddles against the shower curtain.

  6. Smudge….always in the shower stall when I am done. And HURRAY for the return of “What I Did in Storytime Today”

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