Today, I Have Added a New Skill to My Director Toolkit

Dare to DreamIn addition to sharpening the pencils, today I tested the pens to make sure they all worked properly.

I dream of a world where everyone has a writing implement that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

I believe I can make this thing happen.

It’s Friday, people. Dare to dream.

4 thoughts on “Today, I Have Added a New Skill to My Director Toolkit

  1. That mouse is one of my very favorite puppets. Happily for all of us, the staff at HPL has been very cool about accepting the fact that their director keeps a large collection of puppets in her office. As in, I am pretty sure I have more than our children’s librarian does.

  2. That flamingo looks awesome!

    The day that my favorite Tinker Bell pen runs out of ink is the day I weep. The ink is just perfect. The fact that it’s encased in a plastic tube and cap decorated with Tink is the icing on the cake.

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