I Still Don’t Know What One of the Keys on My Work Key Ring Opens

I’m hoping it opens the hidden Door of Power, which, once we find it, will lead to three trials that, if we are able to successfully complete them, will lead to the Magic Money Tree that only blooms under the light of the gibbous moon when you say the exact right words in Elvish, which, thank J.R.R. Tolkien, is completely in my skill set.

I have to remember to add “Quest for hidden Door of Power” to our strategic plan. Just in case.

6 thoughts on “I Still Don’t Know What One of the Keys on My Work Key Ring Opens

  1. Oh, you must not have reached that part of the Library Director initiation yet. You don’t know about the multi-dimensional recreation space that only Library Directors have access to.

    And, no, you shouldn’t wonder how I know about it.

    *cue spooky X-Files-esque music*

  2. The mulch-dimensional recreation space sounds completely better than the hidden Door of Power, although the hidden Door of Power would be more useful to me right now.

    I have really got to rewatch the X-Files. It’s about time Lucas watched it.

  3. Ghost, Good quote.

    Robert, Curses! I blame the Autocorrect on my iPad. It’s always trying to make me look stoopid.

    Maria, That would be so awesome.

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