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Something I recommended in yesterday’s webinar is that librarians consider having a standard email they send out to people who are considering homeschooling or are new to homeschooling, which is something I’ve done for years. I keep the message I use saved in a Word document, and then whenever I talk to patrons who are trying to get a handle on homeschooling, I ask for their email address and send it along. My goal is to give people the basics that they really need to know to get started: the laws, the big support groups, and a few of the most helpful resources.

One of the webinar attendees asked if I’d share the message I send, so here it is (though I should note, I usually customize it based on the conversation I’ve had with the individual I’m sending it to):

Hello! This is where you can find information on homeschooling laws in NYS:

Here are a few of the bigger homeschooling groups you might be interested in taking a look at:

Rochester Area Homeschoolers Association

Simply Homeschooling (Yahoo group) (religious/Protestant focus)

For some basic information on homeschooling styles and philosophies, I recommend the Homeschool Diner. For curriculum ideas, a couple great places to start are the World Book Typical Course of Study and Cathy Duffy Homeschooling Curriculum Reviews.

I hope this is helpful, but please let me know what other questions you have. I’m always happy to help!


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    Though I don’t homeschool, I felt the need to say hi. The book I’m currently reading, Ashes to Ashes by Melissa Walker, includes a character who keeps a Magic 8 Ball in her purse, which made me think of you!

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    It’s always good to hear from you, Little Willow! I have been offline a lot lately–doing good things, but I miss my online stuff, too. You know how it is: so many things to do.

    I am going to add Ashes to Ashes to my To Read List.

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    Right back at you!

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