I Am Trapped Here with These Dark Chocolate Cherry Muffins

UntitledI have the day off, and it’s raining. Not just a little rain, a lot of rain. I assume that I am not the only one who got the flash flood text alert in the middle of the night (which when did that become a thing?)–not that I was sleeping, since I stayed up to watch the thunderstorms, which were spectacular.

Normally this much rain on my day off would make me cranky, but I’m making the best of it reading picture books and eating these dark chocolate cherry muffins I made yesterday from one of my new cookbook obsessions, Fruitful: Four Seasons of Fresh Fruit Recipes by Brian Nicholson and Sarah Huck. I have the library copy right now, but I finally put a copy on order for my own collection, since I have several times wanted to write notes in the book when I’ve been using it, and one can’t write in library books, particularly when one is the library director.

Later I’m going to try baking this upside-down polenta plum cake recipe out of Cook This Now by Melissa Clark that I’ve had my eye on. I should, in theory, run some errands, but I did make about one million phone calls this morning that I’d been putting off forever. (Such as, I at long last responded to a message my doctor’s office left when I was at the Grand Canyon, in March.) I feel like that’s probably enough of that kind of thing for one rainy day. The errands always wait for me.

4 thoughts on “I Am Trapped Here with These Dark Chocolate Cherry Muffins

  1. It has been a pretty good day, although I probably should have gone to the gym. I am going to a baseball game unless it gets rained out, so that’s kind of exercise, right?

  2. I got excited when I saw the Central photo…I thought that you or the muffins were trapped here! I love how ominous some of Rundel’s quotes are…makes me wonder if there will be smiting…with books. Needless to say if you (or a batch of your baked goods) gets trapped in Central I will be happy to help you escape…hopefully there will be smiting involved. It’s the least I can do.

  3. I really love that particular quote. I really want a library building you can read.

    And I now know I need to bring some kind of anti-smiting device the next time I go to Central.

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