This morning when I went for a run, I found a dry(ish) creek bed up the road from our (temporary) beach house and decided to run on that, which led me to this:

Someone must have gone through a lot of effort to get that there, as the area is heavily wooded. If you were much taller than me, you’d probably be running into branches as you went along, though clearly that wasn’t a problem for me.

It wasn’t a problem for the mosquitoes, either, who seemed fond of the dry(ish) creek bed. They seemed fond of me as well. It would be just my luck to contract malaria in Maine.

4 thoughts on “Found

  1. Briefly that looked like an 1800’s carriage, but I’m guessing that the ginormous Maine mosquitoes would have put a carriage together, hitched themselves to it and dragged it out by now… the combustion engines seem to be harder for them to finesse…

  2. I hope we don’t get malaria. It would definitely put Maine on the NEVER TO RETURN TO list. The mosquitoes are the only downside to this place so far, although even Ron agrees Monnshadow was awesome now.

  3. Tanita, It looks to me like it might have been a pickup, but I can’t really tell. There are other assorted parts I didn’t get in the photo.

    Tam, I loved Moonshadow more, but this place is awesome, too. Especially since you guys put the hammock up.

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