Pictures of Pictures of Pictures

On our recent trip to Maine, Tammy and I took pictures of each other, like this time, when I caught Tammy doing this:


And she caught me doing this:


This illustrates a bit of the difference between Tammy and I. Tammy is having a nice time there in her picture. In mine, you will note that my one hand is gripping the rock because I am in a place where I should not be standing, so much as taking a picture.

I was on more solid ground here:


Taking this picture:


That was the day we got split up and lost in the woods for a couple hours. The above two photos happened before we got lost. We didn’t take many pictures after we got lost, because we were trying to find our way. I had to stop and take this picture, though, because wherever you go, there you are:


2 thoughts on “Pictures of Pictures of Pictures

  1. Like that picture of Maxwell; his intent focus on Something Down There is adorable.

    You all look so fit and sporty, running around in the woods (getting lost)!

  2. We DO kind of, but you can’t believe the amount of lying around reading I did that week. One day I got so comfortable reading in the hammock, that I didn’t get out of it until I was faint with hunger–like I wasn’t even sure I could reach the house, which was ridiculous, but LORDY I love reading in a hammock in the sunshine.

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