Transformations, Exterior

Let’s talk about how an empty field physically transforms into a library through some of the eighty kabillion photos I have taken through this process.

I wish I had thought to take a photo of the bare field, but the first photo I have is of the town’s DPW crew preparing the site for foundation work.

This is the first time I sat in my new office, over a year ago. It was drafty.

This is our library mascot, TR Henri, on the day of our ceremonial groundbreaking. It was 20 degrees on that day in March 2018, and I was deeply concerned someone would get hypothermia, but so many people came to help us celebrate and that day has settled into a happy blur of a memory in my mind.

I called this the Two Towers stage. What you’re seeing are the emergency stairwells and elevator tower.

I photographed this arch many times because I couldn’t get over how beautiful bare steel could be.

The architects and construction manager surprised me with this dinosaur-themed construction sign that was very on-brand for HPL and sparked such excitement in the community about the new library on the way when it was placed. I remain delighted by it.

Another shot of that graceful steel and also the geothermal wells for our HVAC being drilled. That drilling was intense–very loud–and I mostly avoided the site for the couple weeks it was happening.

Weather barriers are a thing.

Technically an interior shot, but this was some of our staff visiting the library after the second floor was poured. It was magical to be able to step onto the second floor of something that had recently been see-through. Notice the colors in the leaves? The seasons are changing.

And now it begins to look like a building, and my construction site wear is on point.

Here we have windows, sunshine, and more tidied-up exterior finishes.

This is a photo I took last week. The date stone, the HPL sign, and the main entrance being built are recent highlights on the site.

It’s been a touch over a year from the first foundation blocks to today. I see it all the time, but I’m still astonished by it.

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    • Thanks! I’m hoping to do another post of interior shots. I have taken so many photos of the new building.

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