Over the last several years, I have spoken at numerous conferences, taught workshops in libraries all across the country, and even ventured into teaching a course online. I speak on providing library services to homeschoolers, working with grants, services to tweens, and rethinking summer reading programs. My homeschooling programs are particularly popular and can focus on who homeschoolers are, how to connect with homeschoolers, developing programs for homeschoolers, and/or developing homeschooling collections. Timeframes for presentations are negotiable, and I always tailor my presentations to the needs of the audiences I’m seeing.

I typically need at least six months’ notice to work a date into my schedule, and I require an honorarium, travel reimbursement, and lodging when I speak out of town. All terms are negotiable.

Additionally, if you would like to provide training on working with homeschoolers in your library or system and can’t afford to bring me there in person, I am happy to support your efforts to put something together yourself. My book, Helping Homeschoolers in the Library, will give you almost everything you need, but I also have PowerPoint slides and handouts I can share.

For more information, please contact me at adrienne.furness (at) gmail.com.