My Book

Helping Homeschoolers in the Library by Adrienne Furness
ALA Editions, 2008

Homeschooling is on the rise in the United States. In my work with library staff across the country, I’ve found that most librarians recognize this and would like to reach out to the homeschooling community but aren’t sure where to start. This book gives readers what they need to get started: background information on the homeschooling movement, strategies for developing relationships with homeschoolers, and practical suggestions for developing programs and services. Includes an annotated core homeschooling collection list for smaller, mid-sized, and larger libraries.


“An excellent basic primer full of practical suggestions for working with homeschoolers.” – Booklist

“Furness draws upon her extensive work with homeschoolers in a variety of settings…A straightforward guide for library professionals to helping homeschooling parents who use public libraries as their primary resource for learning materials.” – The Midwest Book Review