To Do or Not To Do

“We’re also big users of Google Calendar at the radio show. The desktop interface for that is good but the Google Calendar iPhone app is just fucking annoying and really should go to hell.”
-Ira Glass in “I’m Ira Glass, Host of This American Life, and This Is How I Work

Ira Glass is someone who inspires me. I’ve long been a fan of This American Life, but they’ve kicked it up a notch over the last few years with ambitious investigative pieces, like this one about Tylenol or this two-parter that came out of the five … Read the rest

Instead of a(nother) Box of Books, I Got a New Magic 8 Ball in the Mail

Everyone, meet the Union 76 Magic 8 Ball:


Question: Union 76 Magic 8 Ball, how have I carried on not knowing of your existence?
Union 76 Magic 8 Ball: Dream on.
Question: How did Craig find out about you?
Union 76 Magic 8 Ball: Be more specific.
Question: It’s because Craig is awesome, isn’t it?
Union 76 Magic 8 Ball: Absolutely.

Until today, I thought I knew about all of the Magic 8 Balls out there, and I also thought I owned pretty much all of them. This is one of the benefits of … Read the rest

That Which Sustains

A couple weeks ago, I was at the lowest spot in the Western Hemisphere:

Chilling at the Lowest Spot in the Western Hemisphere, 130 Degrees

I look happy there, and I was, but it was 130 degrees when that picture was taken, and I was sitting that way so as to not have any bare skin touching the ground, as it would have burned me. As it was, a minute or two later, I discovered that my necklace and my shoes had grown hot enough to leave a mark.

It was a little troubling, but we had enough water, and it was also awesome. I’ve wanted to experience extreme heat like … Read the rest

I Was Just Reviewing My Notes from Last Week’s Finance Class

Things I Learned in Finance Class

Heidi requested that I post some notes. Ask and ye shall receive, Heidi, and there’s totally more where that came from.… Read the rest

Quotable Sunday

“When the Boxcar Children was first published, there were some upset adults who felt that children shouldn’t be enjoying themselves so much without adult supervision. To which I say, is being a kid hobo living in a boxcar really that fun?”
-John Green

I imagine most of my readers will have already seen this video, but, if not, it’s worth watching.

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“But I Don’t Need to Be Reminded a Change is Gonna Come”

“I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote the chorus. This is in HD and everybody can see our faces. We are not very young.
-Nate Ruess accepting the Grammy for Song of the Year for “We Are Young” (February 10, 2013)

A few weeks ago, I went to Jason’s house to return some storytime stuff I’d borrowed from him, and we wound up listening to fun.’s Point and Light on vinyl, because Jason owns a record player and I don’t. Jason’s life has been intense lately, as has mine, so instead of, say, doing something … Read the rest

Quotable Tuesday

“One might say that reality and imagination differ from each other in the same way that the audience at a play is set apart from the actors. It’s where the two meet that hope is to be found.”
-Mitsumasa Anno as quoted in Show Me a Story! by Leonard S. Marcus… Read the rest

My Endorphiny Glow

I ran a 5K with Lucas this morning–well, “I ran a 5K quite a length behind Lucas” would be more accurate–because that’s something we do now. Tammy and Max walked the 5K, and it was fun, though I wish they would not start these things at 8:00 in the morning.

I prepared for this 5K in my typical basically-not-bothering fashion by staying up past my bedtime last night and having a nice late-night bowl of poutine. Here I am post-race feeling all happy about how my poor choices didn’t stop me:


I can’t wrap my mind around the competitive element … Read the rest

Everywhere I Go, I Carry a Piece of HPL with Me

Specifically this piece that fell off the building last weekend:


I’m not really carrying it with me everywhere. I’m using it as a paperweight on my desk.… Read the rest

In Which I Battle a Bee

One morning last week, when I was walking through the hall, I noticed an enormous flying insect in my bedroom. This is how it happened: I saw the insect, and the next thing I knew, I was crouching on the floor clutching the door frame, as though somehow any of this would protect me. My fight-or-flight instinct may not be logical, but it’s always ready to kick in and make a futile effort. Anyway, after crouching there for a while assessing the situation, I realized that what I was looking at was the largest bee I’d ever seen, about the … Read the rest