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The Types of Chocolate I Keep in the House at All Times, Because You Never Know

I’ve been off work since last Friday.

You’d think this might have resulted in a plethora of blog posts, but this is the most unstructured time I’ve had in over a year, and I have been glorying in it–staying up late, reading a lot, watching movies, shopping (Just WAIT until you see the new dress I bought!), and not getting dressed until after noon. Today, I moved on to baking cookies for absolutely no reason, which I’m surprised didn’t happen sooner. I’ve never been much of a cookie baker–vastly preferring to bake cakes, breads, and brownies–but I am lately obsessed … Read the rest

Exercising My Right to Vote

I love to vote, and so I woke up this morning all ready to be a responsible citizen and get my sticker and a cookie, like every year. My polling place has been Maxwell’s school for the last decade, so voting this year was going to be more convenient than ever.

I don’t know what happens in your community, but in mine, the election people send out a letter every year to let you know your polling place and what districts you’re in. They put “BE SURE TO READ THIS AS YOUR POLLING PLACE MAY HAVE CHANGED” on the envelope. … Read the rest