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The Best Film of 2012 and The Best Films of the Aughts

Once again, Film Club has descended into the male members demonstrating their affection for one another through insults. Lisa popped in to contribute to our latest discussion, which I’ll be getting to way at the end of this post, and we had an even rarer visit from Tara. Lisa and Tara tried to interject sanity into Film Club, but, sadly, sanity is not what rules Film Club.

Before I get to the task everyone’s been harassing me about, I want to show you what I expect to be the number one film on every Film Club member’s Best of 2012 Read the rest

Changing My Life Has Turned Out to Be Very Time-Consuming

Spike: Hang on. Did you hear something?
Sebastian: I hear only the cacophonous clamor of my own failure.
Spike: A Dark Place, Part One (Season 9, No. 1), script by Victor Gischler

Now that I’m getting toward the end of this over-a-year-long project of getting my finances in order, selling my house, and changing the ways I spend my time, I’m realizing why so many people don’t walk away from the big things they know are making them unhappy. It’s a lot of work, and right now I have no idea how all of this is going to … Read the rest

And Then Lucas Said…

“They’re teaching us they’re, there, and their. And your and you’re. I learned those in Kindergarten. I mean, I messed up there and their until maybe I was in second grade, but the one with the apostrophe? How do people not know that?”… Read the rest

Eighth Grade, First Grade, and Other Big Changes

First Grade

First Grade

Second Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade and Kindergarten


Eighth Grade and First Grade

Eighth Grade and First Grade

Tammy took this photo, as I am no longer taking the kids to school in the mornings. It’s part of all the Big Life Changes I’ve been going through. It’s what needed to happen–for me, anyway, and they’ll be fine–but wow I felt weird about it this morning while I was passing kids at their bus stops on my own way to work.

Also, doesn’t that haircut make Maxwell kind of look like Eddie Munster?… Read the rest

I Told the Boys to Look Like They Were Having a Dam Good Time, and This is What They Did

I Told the Boys to Look Like They Were Having a Dam Good Time, and This is What They Did

We made a lot of dam jokes that day, so many that at one point Maxwell became frustrated with Tammy and I laughing so much and shouted, “I AM SICK OF YOUR DAM JOKES!”

Which made us laugh for about ten minutes straight, during which Maxwell mostly growled at us.

We learned a lot about engineering and turkey vultures and history and stuff, too. Of course, some of this was also funny, like the satellite prominently positioned behind this historical marker:

I Won't Tell You How Long We Drove Around Looking for This, But It Was Educational

Way to ruin the mood.… Read the rest

Movies I Watched with the Godsons

“If you can’t be with the films you love, love the ones you’re with.”

“If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?”
-Merida in Brave

Madagascar 3
When Tammy called and asked if I wanted to see Madagascar 3 with them a few weeks ago, I had to remind myself that sometimes one goes to see movies one doesn’t want to see because it is nice to spend time with friends, and I went. I am a fan of animation, but I have ignored this franchise almost entirely, other than this Christmas short which features … Read the rest

Hopes and Dreams

It could happen any time, tornado,
earthquake, Armageddon. It could happen.
Or sunshine, love, salvation.
-from “Yes” by William Stafford

I love this poem, which I first learned about from Tanita some time back. It’s been on my mind lately as we’ve had some surprises around here, and I’ve been scrambling to keep up with the way life can change so quickly and unexpectedly. If you sat me down a year ago and told me what the next 12 months of my life were going to look like, I wouldn’t have believed most of it.

But here it … Read the rest

Things That Are Happening

I have three.

Come See Lucas Get Murdered in a Shakespeare Play… FOR FREE!
Lucas will be performing in this summer’s Shakespeare at the Bowl production, Richard III. Performances will be July 6-21 at 8:00pm, no shows on Mondays or Thursdays. I am going opening night for sure, and I think the rest of you who are able to should as well. Lucas is excited about the show, and we are all just so proud of him. I will also be going to the July 14 show and can probably be talked into more. If you want to meet … Read the rest

The Things We Do in the Morning

Lately Maxwell and I have been making art in the mornings:

Making Art with Maxwell


Yesterday morning was kind of topsy-turvy and ended with everyone crying at some point (including me), but we also did this:


What is this, you ask? I have no idea, but it happened. I know because there’s a photo.

This morning, Maxwell and I saw a truck train after we dropped Lucas off at school:

Truck Train

Truck trains are the opposite of crying. We were so awed by this that we just sat there quietly staring at it until it was gone. Maxwell and I and silence aren’t things that … Read the rest

Weird Stuff the Kids and I Do in the Mornings

When you hang out with other humans on a regular basis, particularly kids, you start incorporating weird little habits into your routine that only make sense to the people involved.

Or is that just because Lucas, Maxwell, and I are odd?

Anyway, I thought I’d record some of ours.

Every Friday, we start our car ride to school by listening to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” a few times. We use this as an opportunity to yell at the song, shouting things like “We got the idea the first time you said that!” and “There’s no room in the front … Read the rest