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The Best Film of 2012 and The Best Films of the Aughts

Once again, Film Club has descended into the male members demonstrating their affection for one another through insults. Lisa popped in to contribute to our latest discussion, which I’ll be getting to way at the end of this post, and we had an even rarer visit from Tara. Lisa and Tara tried to interject sanity into Film Club, but, sadly, sanity is not what rules Film Club.

Before I get to the task everyone’s been harassing me about, I want to show you what I expect to be the number one film on every Film Club member’s Best of 2012 Read the rest

Long Live the Troika of Fansanity!

How excited are Jules and Camille and I about Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos winning the Newbery?


We’ve been Facebooking and emailing about it all the day long. I was so excited that I could only communicate in all caps for about an hour. You are lucky I got over that.

I haven’t read the Newbery honors, but I look forward to doing so.

The Caldecotts are all books I loved this year, but I am particularly excited about Me… Jane winning Patrick McDonnell an honor. I feel like he’s been creating extraordinary picture books all along, … Read the rest

Quotable Saturday

“As writers, readers, librarians, storytellers–we are all diviners. We reveal things, make them known, especially to ourselves. Through stories we recognize each other and ourselves. We recognize what is common to all of us. The ordinary–but in the telling it becomes beautiful and extraordinary.”
-Clare Vanderpool in “Someone Else’s Ordinary” (Newbery Medal Acceptance Speech) in Children and Libraries (Summer/Fall 2011)… Read the rest