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What I Did in Storytime Today and How It Worked Out

Anne went to a training thing today, so I got to do her storytimes. I felt a little nervous about it, to be honest, because I’m out of practice and wanted to do a good job (Anne does excellent storytimes), but I wound up having so much fun.

Storytime #1: The Babies

For this, I searched my own blog, found this post I did on my Stories for Wee Ones at WPL, and used the rhyme and song plan I posted there. It was like visiting old friends: “Wiggle Fingers,” “Here is a Beehive,” “Five Plump Peas.” Those guys are … Read the rest

Things That Are Happening

I have three.

Come See Lucas Get Murdered in a Shakespeare Play… FOR FREE!
Lucas will be performing in this summer’s Shakespeare at the Bowl production, Richard III. Performances will be July 6-21 at 8:00pm, no shows on Mondays or Thursdays. I am going opening night for sure, and I think the rest of you who are able to should as well. Lucas is excited about the show, and we are all just so proud of him. I will also be going to the July 14 show and can probably be talked into more. If you want to meet … Read the rest

Today’s Entry is Brought to You By My Achy, Achy Arm

Jason and I Doing the Stretches Part of Storytime, Even Though I Kind of Hate It

I have all these things I’d like to write about, but my arm is too sore to do so.

Curse that faulty tendon. Curse it.

Anyway, I know this looks like a photo of Jason and I maybe pretending to be airplanes, but it’s really a photo of Jason and I doing storytime stretches. I’ve mentioned before that I kind of hate the stretches, but look at me smiling and participating and everything. And it’s true that stretching is good for my faulty tendon. But still. I don’t love the stretches.… Read the rest

What We Did in Storytime Today and How It Worked Out

“1, 2, 3, We Are Dancing”

Whenever Jason plays this song (which he wrote), it is stuck in my head for the rest of the day. So right now, my internal soundtrack is blaring, “1, 2, 3, we are blogging now. We’re happy as can be, because we’re blogging. So sing along with me, and keep on blogging. Until we get to 1, 2, 3.” It seriously works for all daily activities. Unfortunately. Great storytime song, though.

Jason does this thing where he has the kids do stretches. During this today, one of the girls shouted at me, “Don’t … Read the rest

Felt Board: Gossie by Olivier Dunrea

Some years ago, I made a felt board for Gossie by Olivier Dunrea. The book is a favorite of mine. It’s such a common story: losing a favorite thing and then finding that someone else has taken it. Dunrea has Gossie respond with the kind of generosity and grace one may aspire to but can be so hard to do, even for an adult. Then there’s the art, which draws the eye and rewards inspection. It’s the kind of book that can be read to children from birth right up through their preschool and early elementary years. It’s a great … Read the rest

Never Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Yesterday, when I read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems at storytime, instead of shouting the traditional “NO” at the pigeon, one little girl kept shouting, “NEVER!”

I had to pause and laugh every single time she did it.  None of the other kids switched and joined her, but she didn’t care. She just kept on: NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

Sometimes people ask me how I can stand the repetition involved in being a children’s librarian, but to me it doesn’t feel like repetition. The best books stand up to multiple readings (and you learn which are … Read the rest

12 Days of Christmas Felt Board

Tonight, we’re having our annual Christmas Storytime at the library. Last year, I made a felt board for the 12 Days of Christmas, which took me FOREVER, and then I think I didn’t even blog about it.

Now I will.

I couldn’t find a set of patterns I liked for this song, so what I wound up doing was using a combination of coloring sheets and clip art as patterns to come up with images I liked. Here are the results:

The turtle dove is my favorite out of the whole set.

And, okay, those golden rings are really O’s … Read the rest

What I Did in Halloween Storytime Yesterday and How It Worked Out

Yesterday, I did that Halloween Storytime I was telling you all about. Instead of having a step-by-step plan, I brought a bunch of stuff and did what seemed best given the state of the crowd (maybe 30 kids?). Here’s what I did:

Longer “I Wiggle My Fingers”
Not Halloween-themed, but it gets us focused and working as a group.

Ghosts in the House! by Kazuno Kohara
This was the real keeper of the books I’d never tried in storytime before. The kids and adults laughed right out loud several times when I was reading it, and many of the adults … Read the rest

What We’ve Been Doing in Storytimes Lately and How It’s Worked Out

For a variety of reasons, this fall we have converted almost entirely to drop-in storytimes, which means we never have any idea how many kids are going to show up. A couple of the storytimes have age limits, but most of them are all-ages, so we have no idea what age the children will be, either.

This has been interesting.

How I’m handling this is at the beginning of the week,  I pack a storytime bag with a lot of different books and puppets and flannel board stories and a list of rhymes. This way, I have a lot of … Read the rest

The Cornucopia

Yesterday at the end of Stories for Wee Ones, I put out the laundry basket full of toys and sat back and just watched how the babies reacted.

And how they reacted is exactly the way the tributes react to the Cornucopia in The Hunger Games.

Most of the babies lunged as best they could toward the basket, crawling or toddling or just reaching their arms out and making noise in an attempt to get their adults to take them there. They didn’t seem to have any object in their minds besides REACH BASKET.

A couple of the … Read the rest