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I’ve Been Playing with infogr.am

Because isn’t that just the kind of thing you do?

And also:


These infogr.am people have gone all kinds of crazy with their spelling and usage, but, still, it’s WAY more fun making graphs and charts in infogr.am than it is in Excel.

This is more strategic planning, incidentally. We’ve been busy here. More to come.… Read the rest

Strategic Planning: Mission and Vision Updates

For those of you keeping track, the Board approved the library’s new mission and vision statements at tonight’s meeting. They are:

Henrietta Public Library: where our community connects, discovers, and learns.

Henrietta will be known for its library, the heart of a diverse community.

Although to me they’ll always be:

Our Draft Mission and Vision StatementsRead the rest

Strategic Planning: Building Our Mission and Vision Statements

So I’ve been running a library for a little more than six months now. It’s probably time to start talking about what I’m up to.

I decided before I even started at HPL that we needed a strategic plan–I talked about it in my interview, in fact–but once I started, I was overwhelmed by how big a task it would be amid all the other things I needed to learn and do. So I spent time thinking and observing and reading and talking and thinking some more. Finally, I made a strategic planning plan.

This is, I’ll admit, one … Read the rest